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           Last General Meeting

           Sunday, February 23, 2020, at 11 am

                 at the Hillcrest Tourist Park.

     Guest Speaker:     Mayor Mick Tucker

 Break O’Day Council Mayor Mick Tucker’s presentation coverred the following topics:


1. A review of 2019, what was planned for St Helens and the Point and what was achieved.


2. What development and public works are planned for 2020. 1. Because it

is of particular interest to SHPPA, the Mayor has been asked to cover what is planned re pedestrian safety opposite the new resort. 2. The continuation of the Beauty Bay walk/bike track to the harbour.


3. With our current water restrictions because of shortages of water, what plans does the council have for future stormwater harvesting?



4. As the widely used herbicide glyphosate is recommended not to be used

near waterways, and St Helens is located where all runoff ultimately ends in the bay, could the mayor comment on whether glyphosate is used by the council to control weeds, and whether a more organic, controller such as Bioweed has been or could be considered? (Austria last year banned

glyphosate because of its link to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and their wish to uphold their clean, green image as having the most organic farms in Europe.









Meeting- February 28, 2019-guest speaker:

       Councilor & Mayor- Break O'Day, Mr Mick Tucker

Mayor BOD, Mr Mick Tucker addressed the meeting and shared the BODC and his personal vision on

the interesting topic of our future.

" If we could time travel into the future, what would

St Helens and our immediate neighbourhood look like

in the year 2029? "


He was referencing the Municipal Management Plan* developed by our Council in June 2016, which

comprehensively looks at considerations for the future,

and projected his personal vision as the head of our local Government. 

This meeting has set the scene for the future focus of

our 2019 meetings and beyond.


For a link to the Municipal Management Plan click here:
























Refer to the full MMP for more detailed information.

  Link to Mick Tucker's speech on February 24, 2019














                  The Vision for Break O’Day to 2035

'To pursue a proactive approach to guiding economic growth and sustainable development through encouraging private investment and employment opportunities, while recognising the rural landscape and environmental features of the Municipality."

           Aims of the Municipal Management Plan:

      "The Break O’Day Municipal Management Plan will guide economic growth and sustainable development within the region over the next 20 years. The aims of the Plan are to:

 Ensure that future development in the Municipality is undertaken in a strategic and integrated manner.

 Establish priorities for works over a 10-20 year period in order to provide appropriate infrastructure for residents and visitors to the area.

 Promote ongoing tourism while acknowledging and protecting the values of the natural environment; Improve the physical appearance and functionality and livability of the towns.

 Encourage economic growth and future prosperity of the Municipality.

 Provide a comprehensive strategic planning document that will provide an action plan to achieve the identified priorities."

     Snippets from the Municipal Management Plan:

 Size - the population is relatively small, at just over 6000 persons in 2011.

 Growth - the period 2001-2006 was one of growth but the population was largely static between 2006 and 2011.

 Location - the population is focused in coastal locations (home to 76% of residents). St Helens/Stieglitz is the major regional centre (with 45% of the population); other main centres are St Marys (13%) and Scamander (12%).

 Holiday homes - represent around 38% of dwellings (1607). The downturn in the economy over the last 3 years has seen a number of holiday houses being put on the market.

 The population is ageing. In the last 10 years persons aged 55 and over increased from 31% of the population to 41% in 2011. Reflecting this ageing, the median age increased from 43 years in 2001 to 49 years in 2011. This is higher than broader state-wide trends which show that in the last 10 years persons aged 55 and over increased from 23% of the Tasmanian population in 2001 to 29% in 2011. The median age in Tasmania has also increased in the last 10 years, from 36 in 2001 to 40 in 2011.

 The number of younger persons (aged 25-44 years) and families have been leaving the area. This trend has accelerated in the 5 years to 2011. Departures are primarily related to education requirements and limited full-time jobs in the region.

 The average household size has declined from 2.3 persons to 2.1 persons.

 Labour force participation rates are generally lower than other areas, reflecting this older age structure of the population (including some early retirement).

          Bushfire season 2020/21







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                        Break O'Day
Coastal Lagoon Assessment Report                         Chimney's Lagoon, Stieglitz


                  Agenda & Minutes




          Minutes of the February 2020 meeting:  



              Agenda of the meeting February 23 2020:




              Minutes of the October meeting & AGM 2019



               Agenda  of the October meeting and AGM 2019


               Minutes of the August 2019 meeting:                       


                Agenda of the August 2019 meeting:


               Minutes of the June 2019 meeting:   


                Agenda of the June 2019 meeting:

                 Minutes of the Executive Meeting:

                 May 29, 2019


                Minutes of the April meeting:


                Minutes of the February meeting:



                Agenda of the February meeting:


                Minutes of October meetings:


Agendas for the meeting & AGM

October 28,  2018


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Minutes for the meeting

August 25,  2018


Agenda for the meeting

August 26,  2018


Agenda for the meeting

June 24,  2018


Agenda for the meeting

April 29,  2018


MInutes for the meeting

April 29,  2018


Agenda for the meeting

February 25, 2018


Agenda & minutes from

meeting December 10, 2017



Agenda  & minutes

for meeting October 292017:



Agenda & minutes from meeting

August 27, 2017:



Agenda for meeting

June 24, 2017:


Minutes from meeting 

April 24, 2017:



Minutes from meeting 

February 28, 2017:


Minutes for meeting December 11, 2016 :

AGENDA for meeting December 11, 2016 :

Minutes s from meeting 30 October 2016 :

Agenda for meeting 30 October

2016 :

Minutes August 28, 2016 :




August meeting: Guest Speakers Cllr Barry Lefevre  & 


                                                   Howard Jones







Both Barry and Howard have a wealth of experience and knowledge in many of the key areas of interest in Georges Bay. Between them, they will be able to answer

your questions ranging from the barway to dredging to water quality and bay health to changes in the bay over time to where and when to bag a decent garfish.


   Link to Howard's speech click here


Meeting June 25, 2019, guest speaker:

General Manager BODC,  John Brown. 

for a summary of John's informative and interesting presentation please refer to the June meeting minutes.           


Meeting April 28, 2019

                          Guest Speaker: Ms Linda Overend

                          A/Parks & Reserves Manager - NE Coast

                          Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

                           Link to Linda's presentation click below.

Parks & wildlife servicesimages.jpg
New Hospital for St Helens

An informative and very professionally conducted session was held on April 20th at the Portland Hall explaining everything we need to know about this project at this point. The staff of the DHHS, the local hospital administrator and representatives of the BODC did a great job in answering the questions asked by the community concerning the new hospital.  If you missed this informative session, click on the file below for some basic facts about the planned project. The new hospital is scheduled to open in May, 2019.

       Upcoming Meeting Dates.            Agendas  and  Minutes  

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  Forward Planning       -    Determining our priorities 2018 and beyond.

                                                             Check the results  here:

Strategic Plan 2016-2026  Draft only

 for discussion by the committee & membership.

Draft    -     Strategic Planning SHPPA 2016 -2026         "Thoughtstarters"

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Our Committee  elected 27/10/2019


Current active SubCommitees. 


  • Linemarking - Repair  -      completed!


  • Our Bay, our Town, our Future  - P Werner & Comm.


  • Aerodrome Hill Footpath  Construction  - Committee


  • Stieglitz Beach BBQ   - Committee -    completed June 2017


  • Parnella Heights Landslip Project (Georges Bay Walk/Cycle Track Project) - Ann Taylor / Peter Werner  - completed.       





 Beth Berridge    Sheree Archer    Vacant              Dick Ruse                Committee members       

 President                Secretary        Vice President        Treasurer             Janette Drew - Garry Farrant - Janet Smith 

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  • Election of the new committee: President: Beth Berridge,  Vice President: Vacant - Secretary: Sheree Archer, Treasurer & Public Officer: Dick Ruse, Committee Members: Gary Farrant - Janette Drew,- Janet Smith.

  •  For discussion: Roles descriptions of SHPPA Office Bearers:  (DRAFT)   



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