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The St Helens Point Progress Association    " SHPPA "


is made up of resident and non resident ratepayers of the St Helens Point Road headland including Chimney Heights, Stieglitz, Akaroa and St Helens Point. 

It represents the interest of permanent residents, owners of holiday homes and shacks,

visitors and tourists to the area.

About us

The SHPPA was founded in April 2010 by a group of local residents and non-resident property owners.


  • It strives to ensure that the St Helens Point Community has a collective voice and forges a strong link with the Break O'Day Council and other Government and non Government bodies for the benefit, welfare  and betterment of all of its residents.

  • Its aim is to maximise the value and return of its residents' Rate Dollar Contribution to be spent or re-invested into the peninsular community. 


What we stand for:

The main consideration of the SHPPA are Safety, Health, and Environmental consideration of its constituents. The safety and wellbeing of pedestrians and motorist are paramount.  Our measurement of success will be the enjoyment of safe kerbs & gutters and safe, useable road on along our peninsula.

As Tasmanians, we expect clean drinking water, fresh, unpolluted air and

a healthy environment in tune with our state's clean, pristine image.

  • It is our aim to help to improve the health and wellbeing of local residents by providing easy access to clean, gently sloping beaches at the bay and the ocean.

  • We strongly advocate sound management and measured commercial growth of the Georges Bay  and its marine ecosystem.


  • We fully support the timely restoration, maintenance and continued safe access to Georges Bay across the barway as we believe that a healthy and navigable bay is paramount for our community to, not only survive, but to grow, thrive and prosper.


  • We actively promote the provision of community facilities and infrastructure such as walkways, exercising areas, playgrounds and a workable, owner - and community-friendly dog policy.

Current Goals and Achievments


 Currently we are:


* raising awareness of the health of the bay and its relationship to issues such as  depositing large amounts of seagrass on the beaches.


* pressing for the marking and refreshing of white lines along St Helens Point Rd. 


* working hard towards

getting a safe walking path along St Helens Point Road.


In Progress We are working on beautifying O'Conners Beach by planting paperbark trees, bottlebrush and other species of native shrubs and grasses. 


Approved and Coming

Soon. A BBQ at Stieglitz Beach. 


Latest News

"Cuts to Tasmanian rural health programme could be devastating Senator said"
read about it 
                   Seagrass Safari       Friday, January 22,  2016

         A couple of our members joined a group
of 18 other interested explorers, got their feet wet and discovered the wonders of seagrass beds at low tide in the bay at Lord's Point. The safari was conducted by discovery ranger Anthea and BODC's Polly Buchhorn.
Many thanks to the NRM North for putting on such an interesting and
enjoyable afternoon.

Clean Up Australia Day 2018

     As in previous years, a number of our members participated in this

years Clean up Australia Campaign collecting litter and rubbish at a number of locations around the Stieglitz Beach area. 

As always, it was quite amazing what people throw away without considering the environment.  The participation in this campaign is on our annual events calendar and we encourage all members to participate, after all, it's worthwhile to keep our "own backyard" clean and tidy and as you can see by our smiling faces, it's always good fun!



Make sure you pencil this event into your diary. It's fun, it makes you feel good, and the environment will thank you.












Clean Up Australia Day 2017

March 5, 2017, was Clean Up Australia Day. As in previous years, the SHPPA team participated in the clean-up of our local beach front and sections of St Helens Point Road.  At the end of a bountiful morning collecting a wide array of rubbish, the collectors enjoyed some refreshments for a job well done.

Clean Up Australia Day 2016