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  • Maritime Infrastructure Project

Report 2014  Dr. Noakes




  • Climate Change impact on BODC:



  • Bring the Bay Back - Report, UTS 2002/2005


  • Lower George River Floodplain Risk Management Plan:


  • Barway - Dredging



  • Funding for Dredging 2015 -Examiner

  • BODC Documents on various Georges Bay issues

provided by Polly Buchhorn Aug 31, 2015

  • Georges Bay community based Water Quality Monitoring reports

               -    Reports by Polly Buchhorn from the BODC website.

  • Bring back the Bay Report Report      2005

  • What's in the water? Tas Gov Report 2010

  • Georges Bay Community based water quality monitoring program - Data Summary

  • Georges Bay Community based water quality monitoring program - Summary of forum

  • Georges Bay Community based water quality monitoring program - samples report

  • Georges Bay Water Quality Forum  -Presentation Slides 2011

  • Integrated Water Quality monitoring framework for Georges Bay

  • Water Quality in the Georges Catchment  Paper.

  • Tasmanian Coastal Climate Project Reports

  • Tasmanian Coastal Climate Project Final Report

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MInutes Meeting, 3 September 2015

Parnella landslide area St Helens
Tasmanian Geological Survey 2013:
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           *******    Annual General Meeting 25 October, 2015                     







  • Election of new committee: John Berridge, President (re-elected), Beth Berridge, Secretary, Peter Werner, Vice President, ( re-elected), David Brigden, Treasurer, Ann Rath, Committee Member, Jean Brigden, Committee Member, Paul Wright, Committee Member.          Outgoing members are Debbie Napier, Cathy Crosswell and Buck Emberg.                                 

  • Guest Speaker Allan Flinthof : Topic: "Health of the Bay from an Aquaculturist's Perspective"















Guest Speaker: Councillor Barry Lefevre: Topic " Update on "What's happening at the BOD Council





   ******       Meeting     -    December 13, 2015                         

For a transcript of Allan's presentation see at the Members section.

Allan covered a number of topics mostly related to the aquacultural activities he has been involved with over a number of years in and around Georges Bay. He has an extensive knowledge of the bay and the changes that have occurred over time. He explained to the audience the role of our oysters, both, the native and the commercially grown species. Oysters  are filter feeders and play an important part in the purification process of water of the bay. Despite some  public perception to the contrary, Allan believes that the oyster industry in Georges Bay adds not only commercial value to our community but also to the " general wellbeing" of Georges Bay.

A most interesting talk and very well received. A sincere thanks to Allan for giving up his time on a Sunday and to join us.

Minutes of meeting:   click here

Minutes of meeting:   click here

 Guest Speaker : Constable Chris Smithurst- Tasmania Police - St Helens  


      :Discussion of various community issues raised our members including how to handle  neighbourhood noise complaints, trail bike riding in the Stieglitz Settling Pond Reserve, illegal parking at the St Helens Point boat ramp etc. The interaction was well received by all members.


Guest Speaker:      Councillor Kylie Wright .informed the meeting on " What's happening in the BOD                                         Municipality"

The Christmas BBQ following the meeting was well attended by our members,  closing out a productive and enjoyable year.

   ******       Meeting     -   February 28, 2016                              


                                 Guest Speaker : Mr Stuart Carless - 

                                Community Engagement Officer -TasWater  


An interesting and informative presentation by Stuart, followed by a frank question and answer session. Stuart informed the meeting about a couple of significant TasWater projects that are about to be rolled out in the Stieglitz and greater St Helens area that will directly impact on the health and welfare of our community and Georges Bay. Stuart's presentation and his direct and candid answering of the questions asked by his audience was very appreciated by the meeting.


For those who did miss it, you can catch up by viewing the Powerpoint presentation  


"Questions and Answers on Notice" as answered by                           Stuart:

   ******       Meeting     -  April 24, 2016                                             


Guest Speaker: Mayor of Break O'Day- Mr. Mick Tucker

The Mayor of Break O'Day, Mick Tucker has previously addressed our meetings on a number occasions and as usual gave a comprehensive and informative update of the current affairs in our municipality. As we expect of Mick, he answered our questions frankly and clarified a number of topical issues that have been on our agendas for some time. He was particular to explain the all-round implications of waste recycling and waste management in simple and easy to understand terms to make sure everybody became aware of the complexity and potential costs to the community  of the issue. He also announced the  Council is about to conduct a comprehensive waste management review with an opportunity for input by the public.
A number of questions were asked by our members and you can find the questions and Mick's answers in our minutes. Our sincere thanks to Mick and indeed to the other Councillors, Barry LeFevre, Kylie Wright, Janet Drummond and John Tucker for their contribution and support and who gave up their valuable Sunday time to attend.
The total number of people attending the meeting was 28 and some important new issues were raised.
                                            Important News!                                           
Councillor Kylie Wright informed the meeting about  potential funding cuts to the Rural Health Outreach Program. Should this indeed occur, it would impact on many rural communities, including ours.
To read the articles follow the  links:
For further reading read here:
Whilst we need to confirm the veracity of this reportremember, there is no smoke without fire and , even so there is no cause for alarm at this point, now is the time to raise our concern with the decision makers to let them know that we are aware of the issue and we do care!
Although the SHPPA has absolutely no political alignment, issues like this should be of great concern to the whole community, no matter what our political persuasions are.
As so often, all tears of Governments will take the path of least resistance to cut costs and reign in spending, so let's make sure we'll put them on notice that we are prepared to stand up and voice our concern and opposition to such a move.
The SHPPA will write a letter to express our collective concern however, we urge you to write individually to our Federal Member, Mr Eric Hutchinson MP, our  Minister for Health, Mr Michael Ferguson and other state members of Parliament and the opposition, see our list below:
For member details click  here: 
  • Brian Mitchell (Labor) Federal
  • Will Hodgman (Liberal)State
  • Rene Hidding (Liberal) State                
  • Guy Barnett (Liberal)
  • Mark Sheldon (Liberal)
  • Rebecca White (Labor
  • Jenny Butler (Labor)
The following link will help you to construct your letter and sample letter is also attached!
So please make sure you make your voice heard and write to a politician. Remember, it's our community and we need demonstrate that we care !
It's easy to complain after the event, so let's get on the front foot and do something NOW! 

   ******       Meeting     -  June, 28, 2016                                             

 Thank you to Councillors Kylie Wright, Janet Drummond and

Barry LeFevre for their input and contributions at the meeting.

A special thanks to Barry for his very enlightening presentation  on the work of the local mental health action group and the mental health support in our municipality.


Minutes of meeting


Taking stock of our achievements over the last 18 month, all members, and our committee should be proud of what has been achieved. We have made significant inroads in many of the issues that we had on our agenda to be addressed. With the help and support of our councillors, our Major, Mick Tucker, and other friends and supporters we have been able to chip away on some issues the have around for some time.

It is timely now for us as a local community group to not only take stock but also give some thought about our future. It's time to re-focus and define our future direction to make sure we are still on track of what we set out to do as a group of locals when the SHPPA was founded some years ago.

SO, please, have your say, give us your input and let us know what your future expectations are of our group. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute!


*****Meeting: October 30, 2016                      

Guest Speaker: David Cleaver, Community Development Officer -Tas Fire Service.

An interesting and informative presentation by David educating the meeting on how to prepare oneself and our property for the challages of the imminent bushfire season. He outlined the options /choices one has in the event of a serious fire threat, and the consequences of the decisions we make. He explained the "Fire Rating Concept" and dicussed the importance of a personal Bushfire Survival Plan.  We discussed the concepts of  "Decide to Leave" and Decide to defend" and their implications. 

The AGM was held following the guest speaker. 16 members attended the meeting and the new committee was elected.(Check the home page for further details.

See the mintes of the meeting for all information on the meeting.