Important News!  first  published May 2, 2016            
Councillor Kylie Wright informed the meeting about potential funding cuts to the Rural Health Outreach Program. Should this indeed occur, it would impact on many rural communities, including ours.
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Whilst we need to confirm the veracity of this reportremember, there is no smoke without fire and, even so, there is no cause for alarm at this point, now is the time to raise our concern with the decision makers to let them know that we are aware of the issue and we do care!
Although the SHPPA has absolutely no political alignment, issues like this should be of great concern to the whole community, no matter what our political persuasions are.
As so often, all tears of Governments will take the path of least resistance to cut costs and reign in spending, so let's make sure we'll put them on notice that we are prepared to stand up and voice our concern and opposition to such a move.
The SHPPA will write a letter to express our collective concern however, we urge you to write individually to our Federal Member, MrBrian Mitchell MP, our  Minister for Health, Mr Michael Ferguson and other state members of Parliament and the opposition, see our list below:
For member details click  here: 
  • Brian Mitchell (Liberal) Fed.
  • Will Hodgman (Liberal)State
  • John Tucker (Liberal) State                
  • Guy Barnett (Liberal)
  • Mark Sheldon (Liberal)
  • Rebecca White (Labor
  • Jen Butler(Labour)
The following link will help you to construct your letter and a sample letter is also attached!
So please make sure you make your voice heard and write to a politician. Remember, it's our community and we need to demonstrate that we care!
It's easy to complain after the event, so let's get on the front foot and do something NOW! 
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