Our most recent projects

Project Approved!


Project 1. Stieglitz Beach BBQ

this project was recently approved by the BOD Council and will be implemented in 2016.

The council has agreed to erect and equip the bbq facility and, we the members of the SHPPA have agreed to take care of the ongoing maintenance and frequent cleaning of it.



                                                                         Completed: June 2017



Project 2. Tree Planting at O'Connors Beach


This project was carried out in conjunction with our local Scouts Group and the NRM Landcare's Polly Buchhorn. Its aim is to revegetate and beautify the area along Connors Beach, south of the Scout Hall.


                                                        Project Completed



Project 3. Repair to StieglitzBeach Walking Track. 
The walking track between Stieglitz Beach boatramp and the northern most point of the beach were, in sections, almost impassable after prolonged rain or king tides and Westerly blows, forcing the surf onto the track. By building up a ridge using gravel and aggregate donated by the SHPPA, the track is now walkable at any time.

Project completed!

Project updates :